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The Herculaneum Historical Society was established in June of 1999, with the official name of the organization being the Herculaneum Historical and Beautification Society. The objective of the society is to preserve the community's history and to promote beauty in the parks and neighborhoods of the community.

MEETINGS: The regular monthly meeting of the Herculaneum Historical Society is held on the first Thursday of each month at the Herculaneum City Hall beginning at 7:00 PM.

MEMBERSHIP: Membership in the Herculaneum Historical Society is open to all present and past residents of Herculaneum, as well as residents of the surrounding communities, who have an interest in the rich history and heritage of Herculaneum and the surrounding area.

OFFICERS: President Bill Haggard, Vice-President Pat Aly, Secretary Chris Baker and Treasurer Laurie Ferretti.

FOR INFORMATION: For further information regarding the Historicall Society, please contact the Herculaneum City Hall (636 475-4447) or President Bill Haggard (636 475-5476).

ACTIVITIES: The Herculaneum Historical society is involved in the following events and projects in the City of Herculaneum.

1. The Herculaneum Historical Society (in conjunction with the Herculaneum Fire Dpartment) sponsors the Annual Easter Egg Hunt in the Spring and the annual Evening With Santa event in December.

2. The Historical Society sponsors the Outdoor Lighting and Decoration Contest each December.

3. The Herculaneum Historical Society is involved in the planting of flowers at the entrance areas to the city.

4. The Herculaneum Historical Society has assisted with the removal of brush and debris from a city owned cemetery, help paint sign posts throughout the city, painted playground equipment and helped fund the City's Bicentennial Time Capsule.

5. The Herculaneum Historical Society has established a historical museum in the Herculaneum Public Library.

6. The Herculaneum Historical Society sponsors a commemorative brick program at the Shot Tower Memorial Park at the intersection of Main Street and Dunklin Drive.

Commemorative bricks are available for purchase at $25.00 per brick with three lines of imprint. Each line is limited to 15-16 characters. For more information or to order a brick, call 636 475-4447.

7. The Herculaneum Historical Society was responsible for the development of the Shot Tower Memorial Park.

8. The Herculaneum Historical Society was responsible for the dedication ceremony of the Moses Austin-Samuel Hammond Memorial Bridge in November 2007.

9. The Herculaneum Historical Society assisted with many of the community events held during the City of Herculaneum Bicentennial Celebration.